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Vidit | Software Engineer at Citadel

“Matt was a great help in my search. He was efficient, cooperative and most importantly had strong connections in the industry that helped push my application through even where the situation was not in my favor. I would strongly recommend driving your search through him.”

Nicolas | Software Engineer at LMR Partners

“Sam was excellent throughout my entire interview process. After working with many other recruiters, it was refreshing to feel so advocated for and informed throughout every stage of the interviews. Sam was always just a phone call away to answer my questions and concerns. I can't recommend Sam and the team at Oakland Search enough!”

Bogdan | Software Engineer at GSA Capital

“Matthew helped me find my current position at GSA Capital. He guided me through the entire application process and provided me with valuable insight after each interview round. Definitely more involved and knowledgeable than other recruiters I was contacted by as a new graduate.”

Forbes | Senior Software Engineer at Mavenoid

“Matthew was really helpful and put me in touch with a couple of interesting companies. I'm really enjoying working at Mavenoid, and I wouldn't have found them without him.”



Junhui | Software Engineer at GSA Capital

“It was a pleasure working with AJ. From the very beginning, he took the time to understand my career goals and current skills, and quickly identified the job opportunities that aligned the most with my personal interests. The communication and follow-up was superb, keeping me well-informed throughout the application process. Thanks to him, I’ve landed on a satisfactory job. 


I would highly recommend AJ to anyone seeking a new career opportunity!”

Sam | Software Engineer at Jane Street

“AJ was the most helpful of all the recruiters I worked with! AJ even gave me advice for some firms that I'd applied to directly, rather than through the agency.”

Ivan | Senior Software Engineer at Cypher Labs

I’ve been contacted by many recruiters over the years, but Matt stood out and helped me connect to some of the strongest companies in my area of expertise. I’d recommend using Oakland Search if you are looking for software engineering roles at some of the best companies globally.”

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