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Matthew Watson


With over a decade of invaluable experience as an international Technology Recruiter, Matt has consistently proven his expertise in connecting elite Software Engineers with top-tier opportunities on a global scale. His track record boasts an impressive accomplishment of over 200 successful placements spanning across the dynamic landscapes of the UK, Europe, the USA, and Asia.

At the forefront of his field, Matt's proficiency shines particularly in retained projects where he excels in identifying exceptional talent for critical positions, such as CTOs, VPs of Engineering, and Heads of Engineering. Beyond this, his skill set extends to orchestrating seamless collaborations for high-scale initiatives that demand the swift assembly of multiple software engineers, ensuring accelerated project progress. Moreover, Matt's capabilities extend to the realm of specialised mandates, as he fearlessly tackles the challenge of sourcing for roles that are deemed elusive and difficult to find.

His commitment to excellence, coupled with his profound understanding of the intricacies within the technology recruitment sphere, positions Matt as an unparalleled resource for both candidates and organisations seeking to thrive in the fast-paced world of cutting-edge innovation. His extensive network, strategic insight, and unwavering dedication make him an asset that consistently delivers remarkable results and elevates the standards of technology recruitment to new heights.

Matthew Watson
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