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Jerry Rice, OLY

Consultant, Europe

Jerry employs data-driven insights, cutting-edge methodologies, and a keen understanding of market trends to identify and attract top-tier talent for leading organisations seeking to build exceptional teams. Jerry has an impressive athletic background as an Olympic skeleton athlete. Competing at the highest level of winter sports, he represented the UK in the exhilarating discipline of skeleton at the Winter Olympics. Through his commitment, perseverance, and discipline, he reached the pinnacle of athletic achievement, showcasing his ability to excel under pressure.

Jerry's Olympic journey instilled within him, invaluable qualities that are transferable to the world of recruitment. His relentless pursuit of excellence, tenacity, and ability to perform at an elite level make him a true asset when identifying and evaluating top tech talent. He understands the importance of resilience, adaptability and teamwork, leveraging these skills to ensure successful matches between clients and candidates.

Jerry Rice, OLY
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