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Josh Schelvis


Josh's career journey is marked by notable achievements and significant contributions to the field of talent acquisition. He spent three years sourcing top engineering talent for quantitative hedge fund clients, honing his skills in identifying exceptional candidates to meet specific industry needs. This experience caught the attention of a Senior Partner at GSA Capital, who invited Josh to lead their Technology Recruitment function, a role he held for six years.

During his time at GSA Capital, Josh played a pivotal role in staffing the spin-out of XTX Markets, a notable accomplishment in the industry. He played a key part in developing effective recruitment strategies, refining interview processes, establishing campus programs for talent, and contributing to employee retention efforts.

Josh's leadership was instrumental in shaping GSA Capital's evolving landscape. His strategic insights resulted in refined interview processes that ensured the right candidates were selected to align with the company's goals. Additionally, his efforts in campus programs contributed to nurturing emerging talent for the organization's future needs.

Beyond recruitment, Josh's commitment to talent retention showcased his dedication to creating an environment where employees could thrive and grow. His contributions highlight his ability to drive positive change in the recruitment field, making him a standout figure whose impact resonates in the industry.

Josh Schelvis
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