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Cihat Imamoglu


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'I have worked with Matt on both sides of the table - as a candidate looking for opportunities in the market and as a hiring manager. Long story short, he's great: he helped us find a good chunk of our team at Layer (which has, by any standards, a world-class engineering team). He's hardworking and direct, and the candidates/companies he brings on are very high signal (i.e. close to none irrelevant matches) I highly recommend working with him.'


Chris Harding

- CTO, Disperse

"Oakland Search are the best recruitment agency in London by quite a large margin, and at Disperse they've been so successful at finding great candidates that we now rely on them exclusively for our hiring needs.


Oakland have helped us build 80% of our engineering team. Compared with the next-best performing recruiter (we've tried dozens) they send fewer candidates, yet generate twice as many hires. I've worked with Matt on both sides of the table, and his work ethic and dedication reminds me of the best founders I know.


Whether you're an engineer looking for a great position, or a startup struggling to hire, I can't recommend Oakland enough."

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