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Thoughts on the latest developments at Hopin and WeWork

Matthew Watson - Founder

17 Aug 2023


Reflecting on the latest developments at Hopin and WeWork, it's disheartening to witness.

Hopin, once propelled by the pandemic-induced excitement, rapidly expanded its horizons. However, the strategy of overpaying engineers with grand promises of scalability has proven unsustainable. The journey from a staggering $7.75 billion Series D valuation in August 2021 to a mere $15 million sale within two years is truly perplexing.

WeWork, a true trailblazer in its domain, once boasted an unparalleled product/service that stood out in the market. Regrettably, recent times have seen a decline in service quality and offerings, seemingly due to cost-cutting measures...Who else found themselves less than impressed by the presence of orange ping-pong balls and lacklustre beer?

Let's hope for a revival of the visionary essence that defined these companies.

#BusinessUpsAndDowns #InnovationMatters

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